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Introduction of the 1st World Mind Sports Games Печат Е-мейл
Автор International Mind Sports Association   
27.10.2008 г.

1. The background of holding the 1st World Mind Sports Games
With a background of the economic globalization, the economic
competition has shifted from the monopoly of resources, technology and
market to the possession of talents, knowledge and information. The
latter is “put people first” and focuses on reflecting the content of human
wisdom. A wisdom advocation atmosphere has shaped globally and a
new era of the intelligence economy of “wise man is the king” is quietly

With the development of human civilization, mind sports have
become an advanced cultural wealth and excellent fruits of human
wisdom. Looking over the tendency of human civilization development,
it can be said that mind sports is the highest format of comprehensive
competitive sports of human. With board and card games as the
representatives, the mind sports are spreading all over the world rapidly.
Bridge, chess, draught, go and xiangqi are gaining more and more
concern and participation by the fans. They are a mere popular and a
bright prospect especially among young people at school. Board and card
games are helpful in cultivating man’s overall view, cultivating
enterprising spirit of never losing heart when defeated and strengthening
team spirit. These five games are well spread all over the world,
regardless of age, gender, religious belief or race. All the youth, adult and
senior citizens are intoxicated in the happiness brought by mind sports.
Therefore, in a society of fierce competition and quick changing,
choosing healthy and elegant public board and card games of
entertainment are helpful to improve man’s living standard and promote
social harmonious development.


Sponsored by the International Mind Sports Association and
organized by the Board and Card Games Administrative Center of the
General administration of Sport of China and the Beijing Municipal
Bureau of Sport. The aim of 1st World Mind Sports Games (WMSG) is to
widen the influence and popularity of board and card games including
bridge, chess, go, draughts and xiangqi in the world. The 1st WMSG will
be held in Beijing from Oct 3rd to 18th 2008 and more than 2500 players
from 150 countries and regions will participate in the games as well as
more than 600 staff members (officials, coaches and referees etc.) will be
responsible for coordinating some relevant issues.

The 1st WMSG is a multi-events games and for the first time in human
history five mind sports – chess, go, draughts, bridge and xiangqi are
integrated as one games. All the above-mentioned events have the widest
popularity and the largest influence in the world. It is not only a creative
pageant in the sport circle but also an abundant content and large scale
exchange for the traditional culture of human being and wisdom.

successful of holding the 1st WMSG will definitely further promote the
development of the mind sports in the world and will draw more people’s
attention to get to know, to love and to participate in the Mind Sports.

2. The official website and organization of the 1t WMSG

1. Organization
Sponsor: International Mind Sports Association (IMSA)
The IMSA was founded on April 19th, 2005. It is approved by the GAISF
and is an organization with certain international status. The IMSA is
composed of the World Bridge Federation, the World Chess Federations,
the World Draughts Federation and the International Go Federation, it
connects with over 400 national-level federations and has about 700
million members and participants.
Organizer: Board and Card Games Administrative Center of the General
Administration of China Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sport
Assistant Organizer: Beijing North Star Co. Ltd.
Beijing China Sports Co. Ltd.

2. Official Website http://www.2008wmsg.org/en/
The official website of the 1st World Mind Sports Games opened on 13th
December of 2007, and it is used for competition information and competition schedule
3. The 1st World Mind Sports Games——brand new implication of the

competitive sports
The mind sport is sport. It is a form of sport organization, and a real
competition with no luck involved.
The mind sport includes all elements which are required for sports,
such as fair play, discipline, rules, moral code reflection, training,
competition and performance. It is not only a sport of mind, but it also
needs high concentration, fighting spirit, quick reflection and strong will.
All these qualities can only be reached through the healthy victory.
Among those five mind sports, bridge has its special features and it needs
understanding between partners, which plays an important role during
playing, therefore, communication, harmony, understanding, and unity
are a priority to improve the bridge competitive level.
The history of mind sports is as long as the physical sports and both of
them are the precious gems of the human civilization. The beauty of the
physical sports lies in the results presenting the strength instantly bursts,
while the essence of the mind sports lies in the process, which embodies
the human being’s universal hearts.
Mind sports spread all over the world. Playing on the net even make the
myth of everybody engaging in the games come true. The characteristic
of borderless, non-exclusive and unlimited supply has made the mind
sport the rallying point which covers the whole world and its eternal

The 1st World Mind Sports Games which is fully supported by the
International Olympic Committee inherit and carry forward mankind’s
spirit of fighting and progress relying on wisdom so to widen its space. It
is also an Olympic continuation and perfection in a new field; it makes
mankind’s mind exchange suspend the boundary of social modality. It not
only helps integrate easily western and eastern culture in depth and
harmonious development of the two cultures but also enriches the
spiritual connotations of the Olympics.

Mingling the thought and culture between China and western world, the
1st World Mind Sports Games will make the world learn China’s charm of
thought and culture accumulated through the long history of five
thousand years. By holding the 1st World Mind Sports Games, Chinese
people’s passion and wisdom will be displayed perfectly in front of all
those who show great concern to mind sports. Meanwhile, it will
strengthen the mutual understanding between China and other countries.
China is the active participant for mind sports and it has. Thus we believe
that the Games will be an impulse for the further development of the five
mind sports bridge, chess, go, draughts and xiangqi.

With the full promotion of the IMSA, the strong support of Chinese
government, all walks of life and the active participation of the mind
sport fans, we firmly believe that Beijing will meet a peak time for
mankind’s exchange and collision of wisdom.

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