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Писмо от Румънската Го федерация (1 viewing)
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TOPIC: Писмо от Румънската Го федерация
Християн Табаков (Admin)
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Писмо от Румънската Го федерация 2010/05/30 22:56 Karma: 2  

По пощата се получи писмо от Каталин Тарану, председател на Румънската Го федерация, по повод на развитието на Го в Европа.

Публикувано е тук - http://bga.bg/content/blogsection/6/69/ както е получено, на английски език.
Превод на български още няма, но ако някой прояви интерес, може да се опитаме да направим.
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Християн Табаков (Admin)
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Re:Писмо от Румънската Го федерация 2010/06/13 14:05 Karma: 2  
Има и отговор от Холандия, ще го копирам тук.

To: European Go Associations
European Go Federation
Amstelveen, June 9 2010
Reg: Romanian proposals for AGM

Dear all,
It would have been very helpful for this discussion if Catalin Taranu, as president of the
Romanian Go federation, had contacted the Dutch Go Association first to verify the facts on the
congress before sending his proposals to the EGF so that we could have a more constructive
Let me respond to a number of points Catalin is making regarding the congress of Groningen :
Regarding prize money at the European Go Congress
Quote from Romanian proposal 2
“”While is normal that the tournament organizers should have some profit from the EGC, the
example of last year shows how bad the situation can become if the organizers abuse their
rights to the detriment of the players.”
The actual situation is that the Dutch Go Association did make a loss of +/- 6000 Euro on the
organization of the congress.
For the Dutch Go Association this loss is acceptable as we find it very important that big Go
events do take place in the Netherlands. Every year the Dutch Go Association sets some
money aside to cover the risks involved in organizing big Go events like a European Youth
Championship or European Go congress.
The full financial figures of the 2010 congress will be presented at the AGM.
Currently we are awaiting last payments of subsidy from the province followed by an inspection
of the figures by the independent auditors of the Dutch Go Association.
Let me start by presenting the facts on prize money
The total amount of prize money paid at the European Go Congress was 11.750 Euro (which is
24% of the congress fee paid by the participants)..
The prizes for the main tournament were :
1st prize : € 1000 2nd prize €600 3rd prize € 300 (Open European Championship)
1st prize : € 1000 2nd prize €600 3rd prize € 300 (Closed European Championship)
Normal practice in Europe is that when players end with the same number of MacMahon points
they share the prize money for places. With 4 players with the same MacMahon score this
resulted in € 475 per person.
With a different tournament system like a knock out tournament for the top 16 European players
as proposed by the Dutch Go Association in 2008 , there was no need to share the prize money
as there would have been one European Champion.
We strongly feel that also other players who played a very good tournament (7out of 10) or
weekend tournament should get a prize and not only prize money for the top three (European)
Regarding visiting (Asian) professionals.
The total amount of money we as organizers invested in the visiting professionals was 13.000
Euro and we think that this money was well spent given so much professional activities on the
Thus not the exorbitant 50.000 Euro as mentioned in the Romanian proposal 4
Quote from Romanian proposal 4
“Last year in Groningen seemingly more than 50000 euro was invested in foreign pro teachers”
The visiting strong Asian professionals really contribute to a European Go congress.
They are one of the reasons why a lot participants want to come to the congress.
One of the challenges for the organization is that currently the professional organization pays
the flight for their professionals but all cost on accommodation food, drinks and translators are
for the local organization.
We got visiting professionals from Japan (Nihon ki-In, Kansai ki-In) China, Chinese Taipei,
Korea and from the Netherlands.
If the organizing country feels that there are too many professionals or cannot cover all
associated costs it would be very impolite to tell to a professional organization that they cannot
send professionals, especially because this can have consequences for coming years.
I see a task here for the EGF to guide the number of visiting professionals (rotation scheme/
number of professionals related to number of participants) and thus create more possibilities
for European professionals at the congress. This is not a task for congress organizers.
I sincerely hope that this explanation of facts helps a fruitful discussion in the AGM in Tampere.
Looking forward to meet you all again in Tampere.

Sincerely yours,
Martin Finke
President Dutch Go Association
voorzitter <email> gobond.nl
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